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One More Summer…

“And so with the sunshine and the great bursts of leaves growing on the trees. Just as things grow in fast movies.  I had that familiar conviction that life was beginning over again with the summer.”

F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby

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Ok after a brief hiatus here I am, I’m back in time to do a write up for  a season close to my heart, summer.

As a child I loved summer, I counted the days and looked forward to those warm summer days.  Simply because it meant endless days with no schoolwork, countless hours playing, sunny days at the beach and so many fun things a younger carefree self could ever think of.

Summer always filled my young heart with memories that I keep under lock and key while I look forward to the next summer.

Unfortunately we grow up.  Things change and life goes on and before you know it those warm summer days become just one of those days. But maybe sometimes if we allow ourselves once in awhile, it comes back, not as exactly as it was before. For some unexplainable reason something happens and a certain thought or a certain feeling, takes you back to that time and place..

Today it’s a drive and a lovely meal on a warm summer night.

The View of the Clock Tower

After a busy week the drive to Clock Tower Grill in Brewster New York was a welcome respite.  Clock Tower Grill has always been a go to place.  Friendly servers and the warm cozy atmosphere greeted us as we came in. The menu included several all time favorites to choose from and as expected, didn’t disappoint two famished individuals.

For starters we had tomatoes and cheese, yes simple but very refreshing and filling.

Picture was not so perfect as someone was digging in to the tomatoes…

Main course was burger, cooked medium well with cheddar, glazed onions and mushrooms with truffle fries on the side.  Yes I was all out with the comfort food.  The burger was juicy as you bit into it, with the onions, cheese and mushroom giving it the flavor that I was anticipating. And the truffle fries on the side completed the treat.

Cooked exactly the way I liked it 🙂

Absent in the photo were the roast chicken served with mashed potato, both cooked to perfection and the blueberry cobbler that were gone before you knew it. It was a happy meal.

As we stepped out into the summer evening drove and listened to Marc Maron’s podcast  of his last interview with Anthony Bourdain,  I looked out into the darkness felt the summer wind and for a second, a brief space and time it seemed it was like how it was before and then it was gone before I knew it, but it was there. And I was back to my grown up self listening to Anthony Bourdain.

A warm summer evening, a lovely meal and some nostalgic thoughts, yes truly different, it was truly worth the drive.




  • Myra de Leon-Paz

    Wow! You made me crave for those food and made me reminisce my childhood summer at the same time. It’s yum!hmmm!hay! at the same breath. Love it. Keep writing sis … and make us yum! hhhmmm! hay! in one breath.

  • Gigi

    Love reading your posts <3 It takes me back to my childhood summertime. I wish you'd consider having a weekly blog or writing a book to share your thought and stories with. Like Charo Diaries 🙂 – fiction or non-fic. I'm one of your fans!

  • JoECo

    You really have a knack with words. Keep writing and keep us always wanting for more of your stories. Again a big congratulations!

  • Rose Lynn Zara-Coloma

    Great morning read! It transported me to my lazy summer childhood days of playing & reading.

    The tomatoes and cheese make me hungry.

    Do write more often.

  • Boston

    I am a fan!!! Love your play with words. Hesitated to even comment for it might not live up to your level of writing. Hungry and melancholy now. Keep on writing dear friend. Til then….

  • Mayla

    This was truly worth waiting for! I could almost taste the truffle fries! For sure, this one summer day is a far cry from those summers of yester years and as I truly believe , the joy is in the journey. Come a long way little girl. Too bad, I didnt get to see the blueberry cobbler. That sounded yum!

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