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Straight out from the Magic Shop

“The greatest and the most real magic there is – the power of compassion to not only heal each of our own wounds of the heart but the hearts of those around us.

It is the greatest gift, and the greatest magic..”

Into the Magic Shop by James R. Doty, MD

It’s been awhile, I can’t even call it a brief hiatus now. It’s been years since I logged on in here. So much has happened since then.

No more long drives, hardly dining out now. Days are spent mostly at home, or with your own bubble. Reading through my prior posts it was another life.

COVID 19 changed it all for us. Where once was out of town trips on long weekends, parties and get togethers now meant staying home, doing chores, catching up with reading and doing some writing. Despite the idea behind this blog of write ups for noteworthy places to eat, today I would like to make an exception.

A month ago I started reading a book my sister told me about. She said her daughter has been reading it and said it to be an interesting read. She recommended that I get a copy. It’s been awhile since I physically held a book. Lately I would listen to Audibles or read from Kindle. But out of curiosity I ordered my copy.

The book was indeed a very good read. I finished it today and I must say it was life changing. The book review I will save for another post but today I wanted to share something very significant that relates to it so well.

Months ago, every so often I would check out a friend’s new venture in Manila called Rise & Flour. It featured all these goodies she made. From walnut pastillas, bibingka muffins to name a few. Sometimes I would have a craving so bad, that I would get myself stuff from the Filipino store or worst I would try to make it myself. Both were dismal failures. I have mentioned this to her in one of our chats. She said she will try if she gets the chance to send me something. Although it may not be easy to send from Manila to New York, the thought was nice.

A few weeks ago, it came as a pleasant surprise when my friend asked me where I’m at because someone will be flying over this month and she can send me some of her goodies.

Breakfast in Bed

Today as I finished the last chapters of the book “Into the Magic Shop”, I treated myself to breakfast in bed, Queso de Bola bibingka muffins and Mommy’s walnut pastillas. The muffins were unimaginable. Reminded me of Hizon’s Cakes and Pastries from J. Bocobo in Manila. The pastillas were like treats from childhood soooo good, that is my dessert fix for the day.

The sweetness of the pastillas and the savory taste of the bibingka muffins, does not end with just the taste, it was more than that. It was the kindness and compassion of the gesture. I am so touched and so thankful Cecile. I can’t wait to try some more of your creations, sooner than later I know.

And on a separate note, to Dr. Jim Doty, truly you make your own magic. It definitely is real.


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